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No matter which service you need, you
always get the customer service you deserve.

Edge specializes in conductor, rathole, pre-set surface casing, drilling operations and cased hole wireline services.
We combine state-of-the-art equipment with proven drillers, technicians and supervisors. When you partner with us, you get an experienced team who knows what they’re doing and knows what you need.
The result: safe, reliable, timely drilling services for you.

Conductor Drilling

  • Updated Fleet – CZM EK125 conductor drill rigs
  • Drill capacities up to 160’ depth and 48” diameter for conductors, up to 10’ reamers for cellars
  • 500 yd./hr. cement plant and trucks to deliver cement for sealing conductors/cellars
  • Full fleet of new tractors/trailers to transport rigs to/from locations

Preset Surfacing Casing

  • Compressed well cycle times
  • Improved program efficiency
  • Improved risk/safety profile
  • Maximized per-well cost savings
  • Minimized well costs

Drilling Rigs

  • SCR Rig Fleet capable of drilling depths  from 4,000′ to 25,000′
  • Pad walking capabilities up to 135′

Cased Hole Wireline

  • Pump-down plug & perf
  • Radial cement bond logging
  • Temperature tool logging
  • Gamma ray/CCL logging
  • Hoisting services – gyro, camera, etc.
  • Setting plugs & production packers
  • Dump bailer services
  • Conventional perforating (including saltwater disposal wells)
  • Ballistic cable head release tools
  • 5K & 10K wireline pressure control equipment
  • 26-ton & 50-ton crane cervices